JESU / ENVY split 12" available now in the Robotic Empire Online Store!

November 04, 2008

A small but strong update for this week, as we may be the first folks in the US to be selling the incredible new JESU / ENVY split 12″! Our brethren at Conspiracy Records over in Europe released this beast, and we’re stoked to have been able to import some copies! Here’s a photo, followed by part of the release description:

ENVY have never left their emotionally unstable path of heavy postrock oaths, but again they’ve cracked open it’s core and stripped the sound down to it’s epic essence. Always passionate and persistent, most motivational products create unrealistic expectations but stay blind in the mist. Resembling a dose of insomnia, ENVY blaze like a grey wind through the cream of the Japanese screamo-postrock crop. Shuffling forward with solitude and starring at a dying light, an unknown glow. Splendid emotionally layered riffs and carved drums guide, and give understanding of despair. Deeply wandering through thick clouds of post-hardcore guitar dust, musically channeling the remorseless pieces that lead to the dark side. They continue to swing like an eternal pendulum.

Ever since it’s formation in 2003, guru Justin K. Broadrick has let no one come even close to the throne. On this new JESU slab he incorporates melodic twisted pop elements with downtempo heavyness, creating a stark textured vessel intoxicated by the minimalism of cold techno drama. JESU holds on to the feeling of eternity, still being a modern day flymachine, yet never losing a transient sight. In a world where lies and reality constantly transform, we need new frames of thought. New bricks in the wall, and new days off to rethink how we’ll spend our days off.

Yeah, doesn’t fully make sense but what this boils down to is that this is a badass split, of two badass international bands. The packaging for this release is top notch too, with a study outer jacket housing the printed innersleeve, all with appropriately stark artwork by Hydra Head/ISIS’ Aaron Turner. The vinyl itself is heavy, although probably not quite 180 gram. The pressing of this stunning split LP was 2000 total, all on colored vinyl: 500 on transparent blue, 500 on metallic gold, 700 on solid white and 300 on silver. We got everything but the silver vinyl (the bands themselves are the only way to get it), and unfortunately the mystic unicorn & dolphin puzzles are not included. Limit of 1 per color per customer please.

These, and thousands of other items, can be found over at the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

A handful of other things have come in since the last update, so here are this week’s NEW ITEMS & RESTOCKS:

* Catalyst, The / Mass Movement Of The Moth – Two Thousand And Six Six Six CD (Electric Human Project) $8.99
* Cattle Decapitation – Human Jerky – PICTURE DISC 12″ (Accident Prone) $11.99
* Envy / Jesu – Split – BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Conspiracy) $17.99
* Envy / Jesu – Split – GOLD COLORED VINYL 12″ (Conspiracy) $17.99
* Envy / Jesu – Split – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Conspiracy) $17.99
* Holy Sons (member of Grails, OM) – Decline of the West 12″ (ABC Group) $10.99
* Nadja / 5/5/2000 – Tumpisa – 180 GRAM – 12″+CD (Accident Prone) $17.99
* Otesanek – Self-Titled CD (Electric Human Project) $8.99
* Panicsville / Wether – Split Cassette (No Horse Shit) $4.99

Not our biggest update ever, but we do encourage you to check out the last few updates in our insanely archived new blog. That link there will take you to all the “online store” tagged blog entries of late.

That’s it for now, hit up the Robotic Empire – Online Store!


11/06/08 update: forgot to mention a few other NEW ITEMS & RESTOCKS for this same update:

* Ampere – All Our Tomorrows End Today – BLUE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Ebullition) $10.99
* Breather Resist – Patent Cruciform – CASKET SHAPED PICTURE DISC 10″ (King Of The Monsters) $9.99
* His Hero Is Gone – Fifteen Counts Of Arson 12″ (Prank) $9.99
* His Hero Is Gone – Monuments To Thieves 12″ (Prank) $9.99
* Ingrid – Tryangle Cassette (Cosmic Debris) $4.99
* Off Minor – Innominate 12″ (Golden Brown) $9.99
* Orchid – Chaos Is Me – YELLOW COLORED VINYL 12″ (Ebullition) $11.99
* Reversal of Man – This Is Medicine CD (Ebullition) $9.99
* Various Artists – Deadly Sins – 4×7″ Box Set (Hater of God) $10.99
* Yaphet Kotto – Syncopated Synthetic Laments For Love CD (Ebullition) $9.99

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