ISIS – Shades Of The Swarm 12xLP Box Set NOW AVAILABLE!

February 22, 2008

OK folks, the moment many of you have been waiting for has arrived. The ISIS Shades Of The Swarm 12xLP Box Set is NOW AVAILABLE for sale!

Well over a year in the making production-wise, and TEN years in the making music-wise, this is easily the biggest release we have ever been a part of.

PLEASE NOTE: this must be shipped via UPS so everyone ordering can have both tracking and insurance on their package. If you are ordering this, MAKE SURE YOU EDIT YOUR ORDER TO BE SHIPPED VIA UPS. If you do not, the order will have to be refunded. Non-USA customers: put your email address and phone number in the “comments” section of checkout too.

That being said, thank you for everyone’s patience in waiting for this release… head over to our Online Store to pick up this beast, as it probably won’t last long!

Robotic Empire – Online Store

Here’s our description of this massive release:

This is it folks: ten years worth of recording, touring and the general existence of ISIS, the heavy music powerhouse that has gone from the basements of Boston to the clubs (and stadiums) of the world. Robotic Empire has teamed up with Europe’s Conspiracy Records to create the definitive collection of ISIS vinyl in this simply stunning twelve LP box set.

The entire released studio recordings to date by ISIS are enclosed in this massive box set. Eight albums over twelve records are contained on 180 gram black vinyl, each housed within individual sleeves utilizing artwork taken and re-worked from the original sources, all displayed through a clear spot gloss on heavyweight sleeves. These accompany an oversized 12″ x 36″ poster insert, all housed within an extremely sturdy cloth-bound, foil-stamped black box. Click here, here, here and here for photos. To say this set is “deluxe” is an understatement, as this is literally the biggest project both labels combined have been a part of to date. As a result, we are taking extra steps to ensure this arrives safely at your door:

THIS MUST BE SHIPPED VIA UPS: NO EXCEPTIONS! MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE UPS SHIPMENT FOR THIS (GROUND, EXPEDITED) WHEN YOU CHECK OUT (edit your order after entering your PayPal info to choose UPS) OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR ORDER. Sorry this is expensive, but this is the ONLY way to provide both insurance and tracking for your Box Set… which we require if you want to order this. ** International customers, put both your telephone number and email address in the “comments” section of checkout **

600 copies of this collection exist, there is a limit of 1 per customer… and they are already going fast. Once these are gone from us, the band themselves (on tour) will be the last place to find this incredible ISIS box set! We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. Thank you.

Robotic Empire – Online Store

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