ISIS – Oceanic Remix 4xLP Box Set OUT NOW!

July 19, 2006

We’ve kept a small secret here at Robotic Empire…. remember a while ago when we released all of those ISIS “Oceanic Remix” LPs? Well, we stashed 300 copies from each pressing for a box set that’s taken us TWO YEARS to finish. Worth the wait? We think so, but you can be the judge for yourself:

It’s got all four “Oceanic Remix” LPs from ISIS housed in a custom-made box along with a hand-made letterpress insert and “belly band” wrapped around the whole thing. Interrobang Letterpress (the folk behind ISIS’ live series’ CD packaging) took good care of us and we’re now beyond stoked to unleash this beast upon the world.

Oh, did we mention the material contained within this box are original ISIS songs fully re-mixed & re-interpreted by a wide variety of musicians (both familiar and relatively unknown), including Mike Patton (IPECAC, MR. BUNGLE, FANTOMAS, etc), Justin Broadrick (JESU, GODFLESH, etc), James Plotkin (PHANTOMSMASHER, KHANATE, etc), Ayal Naor (27) and many more? Well, it is… and it’s rad.

Hydra Head released the CD version of this after all 4 remix LPs sold out, but we’ve been planning this monster from the beginning and are very amped to finally have it done. So please keep us up all night entering your orders, as these are ready to roll and will most likely ship out before the week is over! Any questions and all of the details not mentioned in this text should be covered on the actual ordering page (so please do read that stuff)… but overall: Thank you and enjoy!

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