Hollow Sunshine debut album to be released by Robotic Empire

October 07, 2013

Hollow Sunshine Promo PhotoRobotic Empire is proud to present Hollow Sunshine‘s debut LP, titled Held Above, set for a November 12th release date worldwide.

Hollow Sunshine is a California-based duo consisting of Reuben Sawyer (instrumentation) and Morgan Enos (vocals). Blending massive downtuned riffs with a pop aesthetic, Held Above yields a familiar yet all together unique listening experience

The contrast between heaviness and catchiness (with melodic vocals providing a calm, consistent drift throughout) makes Hollow Sunshine stand out starkly from contemporaries. Blurring the line between pummelling doom and soaring pop, Held Above expands upon ideas forged on initial EPs released by Vendetta and Bridgetown Records, but with new found clarity to composition and production.

A visual artist by trade, Sawyer is also known for his intricate artwork through Rainbath Visual, utilized by a variety of bands such as Chelsea Wolfe, Deafheaven, Inter Arma, Thou and Wolves in the Throne Room. His minimalist imagery for Held Above juxtaposes the rich sonic textures found within the 9-track album.

Held Above is Hollow Sunshine‘s strongest work to date, and will be available on vinyl and digitally via Robotic Empire on November 12th. Audio, video and further details will become available shortly, and for now a teaser trailer can be viewed here:



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