HISSING CHOIR – 3 live songs (first show)

June 29, 2008

Just unearthed an old minidisc recording of the first HISSING CHOIR show. Thought some people might want to hear this:


This is a (rough) recording of the first ever HISSING CHOIR show. They were a short lived (but never truly “broken up”) band comprised of members of PG99, CRESTFALLEN, PIG DESTROYER and TRIAC… essentially trying their hardest to sound like SWANS but still being fairly unique. These are three songs from their first show, so it’s sorta rough around the edges, but still pretty intense for a FIRST SHOW. Not sure if these guys will ever actually release anything so I decided to finally upload this. I think the mic got dropped during the first song while I handed Mike a beer bottle to use as a slide, that may explain the partial dropout about halfway in the first song there. Not positive, but I think the show was sometime in October of 2003 at the Talking Head in Baltimore, MD (it may have still been the “old” Ottobar back then?). It was recorded with a cheapo Sharp brand MD-MT15 portable minidisc recorder and a tiny clip-on interview mic, which sorta explains why it doesn’t sound amazing. Better than nothing though, hope you enjoy this!

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