GODS & QUEENS untitled 12" pre-orders, plus Online Store updates!

October 08, 2008

We can’t rest on our laurels for long, so hot on the heels of releasing HELMS ALEE‘s Night Terror and TORCHE‘s second pressing of Meanderthal, we are very pleased to announce that the GODS & QUEENS untitled debut album is now available for pre-order!

For those unfamiliar with this relatively new group, the two songs posted should show a bit of the variety this trio has cooked up… but all seven songs on this sound pretty different from one another. Here’s the formal description we awkwardly conjured for this thing:

GODS & QUEENS debut with washes of reverb and echoes of shoegazer’s catchier moments. There’s mature inconsistency here… or in other words: fast songs, slow songs and one droning psychedelic blissfest. To semi-appropriately quote the band, “GODS & QUEENS is a three piece band from Brooklyn/Philadelphia who tried in vain to blatantly steal riffs and song patterns from some of their favorite bands (like HOOVER, LUNGFISH, JUNE OF 44, SPACEMAN 3 and the like)… but failed in every attempt. Instead here are seven songs that resemble nothing of who or what they were intended to be. A few have said it sounds like a low rent, super depressed version of FUGAZI, or QUICKSAND with out the start stop timing.” What this boils down to is that GODS & QUEENS is playing an abnormally dark blend of indie/shoegazer/whatever-people-want-to-call-it.

It might(/might not) also be worth mentioning that Jamie Getz from this band also used to be in VERSOMA, GET FUCKED, and LICKGOLDENSKY… amongst others. Robin Fowler also played in the later incarnation of VERSOMA and we have no idea what Ben Roysdon’s history is, as the guy is an enigma.

Not shipping out until about a week from now, we do have the records in-house now… so we are taking pre-orders. This turned out pretty damn sweet, and we made this as both the CD and vinyl LP formats package together in one gatefold sleeve. This is our first split label release in a many many years, but we’re stoked to work with longtime Euro-bros at Adagio830 / Bis Aufs Messer to present the GODS & QUEENS debut to you. Folks overseas in Europe should pick this jam up from them, but otherwise feel free to grab this now in the Robotic Empire Online Store.

This first pressing is all on colored vinyl, pressed in the following quantities:
* 425 copies on translucent purple (Robotic Empire / USA version)
* 425 copies on translucent orange (Adagio830 / Europe version)
* 150 copies on half clear / half translucent orange (band version)

Amped to get out there and finally tour a bit, GODS & QUEENS have some pretty kickass shows scheduled:

10/05 – Bethlehem, PA @ The Burners – w/ Weston
10/14 – New York, NY @ Rogan Store – w/ Fucked Up (as part of their 12-hour show)
10/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Pilam – w/ Monotonix
10/26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Europa – w/ Young Widows, Tombs
10/27 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary – w/ Young Widows
10/28 – Baltimore, MD @ Talking Head – w/ Young Widows, The Wayward
10/29 – Richmond, VA @ Nara Sushi – w/ Young Widows, Hex Machine, Mouthbreather
10/30 – Washington, DC @ The Girl Cave – w/ The Well
12/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool – w/ Disappear

Besides this gnarly new release, the Robotic Empire Online Store has some small but powerful additions this week. Lots of HEAVY for the burly dawgs out there:

* A Fine Boat That Coffin – The Second Nail 12″ (Asymmetrie) – $16.99
* Baroness – First & Second CD (Hyperrealist) – $11.99
* Black Shape of Nexus – Microbarome – RED ORANGE COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Adagio830) – $15.99
* Corrupted – Paso Inferior 12″ (Insolito) – $17.99
* Gods & Queens – untitled – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″+CD (Robotic Empire) – $14.99
* Jesu – Conqueror – GOLD COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Conspiracy) – $19.99
* Jesu – Conqueror 2×12″ (Conspiracy) – $19.99
* Mouth of the Architect / Kenoma – Split – BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Gilead Media) – $12.99
* Mouth of the Architect / Kenoma – Split – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Gilead Media) – $12.99
* Nadja – Radiance Of Shadows 2×12″ (Conspiracy) – $19.99
* Nadja – Touched 2×12″ (Conspiracy) – $19.99
* Nadja – Truth Becomes Death 2×12″ (Conspiracy) – $19.99
* Rocky Votolato – A Brief History – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Gilead Media) – $12.99
* Rocky Votolato – A Brief History – YELLOW COLORED VINYL 10″ (Gilead Media) – $12.99
* Suis La Lune – Quiet, Pull the Strings! – WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Asymmetrie) – $16.99
* Thou – The Retaliation of the Immutable Force Of Nature – RED COLORED VINYL 12″ (Gilead Media) – $10.99

* Salome – Self-Titled CD (Vendetta) – $14.99
* Thou – Peasant CD (Autopsy Kitchen) – $10.99
* Thou – Tyrant CD (Gilead Media) – $10.99
* Who Calls So Loud – Self-Titled 2×10″ – COLORED VINYL – $14.99

Yep, a BURLY update to say the least… and check out this new GODS & QUEENS release if you like the sample songs posted, since it miraculously hasn’t leaked yet! Thanks, peace!

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