Social Distancing = Free Domestic Shipping Option

March 19, 2020

Social Distancing = Free Domestic Shipping Option

Greetings from Robo HQ! How’s everyone holding up? My news source of choice is the Canadian radio (CBC) (in addition to a healthy dose of The Daily Show to keep me laughing) and it’s been my way to keep up to date on the state of things around the world. Great news broadcast in my opinion. How are you guys getting your news?

I’ve been on the fence about posting info on Robotic Empire’s business status during all this as there are lots of other more important things to read about. The truth is, that like everyone else, I’ve noticed a significant drop in sales and that is obviously concerning to me.

As a result, I’ve decided for the time being all domestic orders will have the offer of choosing free shipping at checkout. If you are feeling a financial pinch, you can choose to select the free shipping and save some cash. If you’re in a better position financially then you can choose to pay for the shipping. It’s up to you guys!

I’m sorry that I can not make this offer available to foreign orders. The price of shipping is just too high for me to absorb at this time.

Sooo, as you are all at home lounging around (like Cloud, Sake, and Leah here) maybe you’ll decide to browse the Robo shop and pick up some tunes to enjoy during your time at home. Thanks everyone for the support and stay healthy and happy! Love Robo