First Robotic Empire Distro Update of 2018

January 05, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope a great holiday break was had by all. There’s a decent amount of snow here at Robo HQ so snowmobiling, cross country skiing, , snowshoeing, snowy horseback rides, and lots of plowing have been enjoyed during the time off. Keeping away from the computer for days at a time was lovey and a gorgeous full moon on the first day of 2018 was a real treat!

Well to start off the new year I have a great distro update for everyone to read over. Some of this stock has been here for months and months but there just hasn’t been time to get it processed and up on the online store. If you glance through the lists below you’ll see another City of Caterpillar record from Repeater Records is now in stock along with restocks on the Self-Titled 12″. Elder double LPs and restocks are up for sale in the store in addition to new releases from Accident Prone which includes that new House Of Low Culture 4-way split. Elder Magick released a wonderful shoegaze album from Lacing that needs to be checked out. I’ve restocked the Thou/Great Falls 7″ from Hell Comes Home and from what I understand, these are the last of the last of them. The “Accidents Grotesque” album from Great Falls is also available in the online store now. Echo Canyon Records sent me a nice quantity of the Mihai Edrisch album on Maroon Colored Vinyl so grab those up. Last but not least is a live album from Man Is the Bastard from 1992.

The restocks list isn’t anything to skip over either! Some may have seen over the holiday that I received back from an Austrian Distributor, a decent amount of oop Robotic Stock. Please read below to find gems from Capsule, Floor, Nadja/A Storm of Light, Pygmy Lush, Ultra Dolphins, and the Whatever Nevermind Comp.

Magic Bullet restocks, Deathwish restocks, and Lovitt Records restocks. Read below!

BLK OPS / Cave Bastard – Split 12″ (Accident Prone) $19.99
City Of Caterpillar – Driving Spain Up A Wall B/W As The Curtains Dim, Little White Lie 12″ (Repeater) $14.99
Elder – Dead Roots Stirring – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Armageddon) $24.99
Elder – Self-Titled 2×12” – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Armageddon) $24.99
Great Falls – Accidents Grotesque 12″ (Hell Comes Home) $14.99
House of Low Culture / Caustic Touch / Daniel Menche / EMS – Split 12″ (Accident Prone) $17.99
Lacing – Bummer 12” – CLEAR BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Elder Magick) $17.99
Man Is The Bastard – Live On KSPC 88.7 FM 1992 12″ (Deep Six) $14.99
Mihai Edrisch – Un Jour Sans Lendemain 12” – MAROON COLORED VINYL 12″ (Echo Canyon) $15.99
Pod, The – Self-Titled 12″ (Accident Prone) $19.99


Birds In Row – Personal War 12” *VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Brother Dege – Folk Songs Of The American Longhair 12” *ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Brother Dege – How To Kill A Horse 12” *VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Burn – Do Or Die 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $14.99
Capsule – Blue 12”+CD *OCEAN BLUE COLORED VINYL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Capsule – Blue 12”+CD *PRIMORDIAL BLUE COLORED VINYL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Capsule – Blue 12”+CD *BLACK VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Charles Manson – Air 12” *GREY COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Charles Manson – Inner Sanctum 7” *ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $4.99
Charles Manson – Trees 12” *GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
City Of Caterpillar – Self-Titled 12” *COKE BOTTLE TRANSLUCENT COLORED VINYL* (Repeater) $15.99
Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind 2×12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $19.99
Converge – Axe To Fall 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $14.99
Converge – No Heros 12” *BROWN MIX COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Converge – Thousands Of Miles Between Us DVD (Deathwish) $12.99
Converge – You Fail Me Redux 12” *BLACK WHITE SPLATTER COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $14.99
Elder – Reflections Of A Floating World 2×12” *SPLATTER COLORED VINYL* (Armageddon) $24.99
Floor – Self-Titled 12”+7” *BLACK VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $16.99
Integrity / Power Trip – Split 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Kayo Dot – Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue CD (Robotic Empire) $4.99
Majority Rule – Interviews With David Frost 12” *RED COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Nadja / A Storm Of Light – Primitive North 2×12”+CD *PHOSPHORESCENCE COLORED VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $24.99
Nadja / A Storm Of Light – Primitive North 2×12”+CD *AURORA FORGE COLORED VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $24.99
NY In 64 – Self-Titled 12” *CLEAR COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Oathbreaker – Rheia 2×12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $19.99
Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever 2×12” *BLACK VINYL* (Thrill Jockey) $23.99
Pageninetynine / Majority Rule – Split 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Planes Mistaken For Stars – Prey 12” *MAGENTA COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $9.99
Pygmy Lush – Bitter River 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $19.99
Pygmy Lush – Mount Hope 12” *180 GRAM VINYL* (Lovitt) $12.99
Pygmy Lush – Old Friends 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Lovitt) $12.99
Self Defense Family – Try Me 12” *PINK BLACK COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $19.99
Super Unison – Auto 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Deathwish) $14.99
This Will Destroy You – Live In Reykjavik Iceland 3×12” *VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $24.99
This Will Destroy You – Moving on the Edges of Things 12” *PICTURE DISC VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You – Self-Titled 2×12” *GREEN COLORED COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $19.99
This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain 12” *BLUE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym – Field Studies 12” *PURPLE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Thou / Great Falls – Split 7” *VINYL* (Hell Comes Home) $7.99
Ultra Dolphins – Mar 12″ *GOLD VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $9.99
Various Artists – Whatever Nevermind 12”+7” RECORD STORE DAY EDITION TRANSLUCENT BLUE VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $29.99
Verse En Coma – Rialto 10”+CD *BLACK VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate 12” *TRANSPARENT GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Deathwish) $10.99
Young Widows – Live Radio Performance April 6, 2009 12” *MAROON COLORED VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $14.99

Best of wishes to everyone in 2018 and I can’t say thank you enough for the support you all showed in 2017! It was a super fun year of great new Robo releases and I look forward to what 2018 will bring. Happy New Year from the Robo Crew!

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