CAPSULE – Tape + Demo + Tour + More (collections) 12" & THOU – Baton Rouge cassette now available!

April 06, 2010

Whoa, things are INSANE here. Hot on the heels of the FLOOR Below & Beyond box set completion + shipment madness and KILLER reunion shows, we’ve got another round of new releases and general chaos over here. We nabbed 25 more copies of the Below & Beyond 8xCD set from our distributor, but they’ve already flown outta here. We’re getting the remaining unsold band copies in a week or so, and that’s probably it. The deluxe vinyl version is still available, and we’re also scoring the band’s unsold t-shirts in roughly a week too.

Beyond Below & Beyond (oof, sorry), we are psyched to announce yet another Robotic Empire label release from a sick South Florida band. CAPSULE‘s collections LP, Tape + Demo + Tour + More, is now available after being several years in the making. 15 tracks of totally berzerker complicatedcore, or, everything these ADD maniacs recorded prior to the Blue album we released a couple years ago. The release turned out rad with super bright artwork and a high-gloss finish (ala Blue) too, with some pretty outrageous colored vinyl to top it all off. Pretty sure we ordered 200 of the “snow drift” and “slime mold” colors, and 800 of the “cola” which turned out a rad translucent brown. Actually, they all turned out pretty sweet! This is technically a pre-order since it drops in stores/etc on April 13th (so expect them to arrive around that date), but we’ve got them in house now and they’re good to go! Some tracks from that can be heard here (last 2 tracks) and/or ordered now in our Online Store.

We were supposed to also have the TIDELAND LP and THOU Baton Rouge vinyl for this update as well, but both of those have hit production snags and unfortunately won’t be available for a few more weeks at the earliest. Sons of Vesta has their copies of the killer debut TIDELAND album now (we co-released it with them) as does the band themselves, but ours are weirdly MIA for the time being. More on that soon…

In the meantime, we decided to drop a cassette version of the phenomenal THOU Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For EP since the gatefold jackets for the vinyl version have to be completely reprinted. UGH. The tape turned out cool though with black/white/red covers, a black & white cassette, plus a two-color patch for good measure. Limited to 200, this should hopefully tide you over until the vinyl edition is finally ready for real, hopefully in just a few weeks. Listen to this in its entirety on our myspace and/or the band’s website (along with everything they have released). This tape is available now in our Online Store.

Another healthy round of new items & restocks have been added to the Robotic Empire – Online Store as well, with a variety of good jams across the spectrum. Notable is the GET RAD stuff from Hyperrealist along with re-stocks of POLLUTION and RAEIN (both sold out quick last time). Also worth mentioning are the Red Cobalt label items imported from Japan (2 new, 1 restock)… they are expensive but deluxe to the max! Add in some crucial Hydra Head staples, a big pile of stuff we got from Ebullition and some other rando items… and this is a darnright stacked update! Here ya go:

* Black Cobra – Bestial – DELUXE JAPANESE IMPORT CD (Red Cobalt Industries) $19.99
* Capsule – Self-Titled (Tape + Demo + Tour + More) – COLA COLORED VINYL 12″ (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Capsule – Self-Titled (Tape + Demo + Tour + More) – SLIME MOLD COLORED VINYL 12″ (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Capsule – Self-Titled (Tape + Demo + Tour + More) – SNOW DRIFT COLORED VINYL 12″ (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Cave In – Planets Of Old – VANILLA PISTACHIO COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hydra Head) $14.99
* Cold Craving – Beacons – GREEN OPAQUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Eschaton) $14.99
* Daniel Striped Tiger – Capital Cities 12″ (Clean Plate) $10.99
* Get Rad – I Can Always Live – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hyperrealist) $13.99
* Get Rad – I Can Always Live – BLACK VINYL 12″ (Hyperrealist) $13.99
* Get Rad – I Can Always Live CD (Hyperrealist) $9.99
* Moloch – Discography Cassette (Feast Of Tentacles) $4.99
* Oxbow – Songs For The French – GREY COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hydra Head) $13.99
* Saviours – Into Abaddon – JAPAN TOUR EDITION 12″+CD (Red Cobalt Industries) $21.99
* Thou – Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For Cassette (Robotic Empire) $5.99
* Tragedy – Nerve Damage CD (Tragedy) $10.99

* Agoraphobic Nosebleed – PCP Torpedo 2xCD (Hydra Head) $9.99
* Ampere – All Our Tomorrows End Today 10″ – BLUE VINYL (Ebullition) $10.99
* Big Business – Head For The Shallow CD (Hydra Head) $9.99
* Breather Resist – Patent Cruciform 10″ – CASKET SHAPED PICTURE DISC VINYL (King of the Monsters) $9.99
* Charles Bronson – Complete Discocrappy 2xCD (Youth Attack) $11.99
* Daitro / Sed Non Satiata – Split CD (Red Cars Go Faster) $11.99
* Das Oath – Self-Titled 11″ (Youth Attack) $12.99
* Deadly Sins – 4×7″ Comp (Hater of God) $10.99
* Discordance Axis – Jouhou CD (Hydra Head) $10.99
* Discordance Axis – Our Last Day CD (Hydra Head) $10.99
* Discordance Axis – Pikadourei DVD (Hydra Head) $9.99
* Helms Alee – Lionize / Truly 7″ – BLACK VINYL (Hydra Head) $4.99
* Kung Fu Rick – Fragments of The Past Time 2xCD (625 Thrashcore) $10.99
* Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth – DELUXE JAPANESE IMPORT CD (Red Cobalt Industries) $19.99
* La Quiete – 2006-2009 CD (Sons of Vesta) $11.99
* LSD And The Search For God – Self-Titled 12″ – BLACK VINYL (Deep Space) $10.99
* Orchid – Chaos Is Me / Dance Tonight CD (Ebullition) $10.99
* Orchid – Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow – BLUE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Ebullition) $10.99
* Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes – Split 10″ – CLEAR WITH BLUE COLORED VINYL (Hydra Head) $9.99
* Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes – Split 10″ – DARK BLUE COLORED VINYL (Hydra Head) $9.99
* Pizza – Self-Titled 7″+CD-R YELLOW COLORED VINYL (Sons Of Vesta) $5.99
* Pollution – nastyDNA 12″ (Feast of Tentacles) $17.99
* Portraits of Past – Cypress Dust Witch 12″ (Excursions Into The Abyss) $9.99
* Portraits of Past – Discography CD (Ebullition) $10.99
* Pusher – Self-Titled CD (Auxiliary) $9.99
* Raein – Ogni Nuovo Inizio 12″ – 1-SIDED WHITE COLORED VINYL (Sons Of Vesta) $14.99
* Raein – Ogni Nuovo Inizio CD (Red Cars Go Faster) $11.99
* Sleep Terror – Probing Tranquility Cd (Feeling Faint) $9.99
* Yacopsae / Massgrav – Split 5″ (RSR) $5.99
* Yaphet Kotto – The Killer Was In The Government Blankets 12″ – GREEN COLORED VINYL (Ebullition) $10.99
* Young Widows – Settle Down City 12″ – BROWN COLORED VINYL (Auxiliary) $12.99

Phew! Wow that’s a solid round of stuff. Please check out all this (and more) in the Robotic Empire – Online Store. Thank you!

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