By RoboticEmpire on 2011-08-31

August 31, 2011

PG.99 and THOU both played Washington, DC this past weekend… DURING the middle of hurricane Irene! NPR was awesomely on hand and recorded the show! * PG.99 streaming audio @ NPR* A true road warrior named Alec travelled from Maine(!) for the event too, and took some gnarly close-up footage of the bands as well. More to surface, but here’s THOU covering NIRVANA (at the 2minute mark): Last related news for now: longtime likeminded weirdo Ryan Hex is still going strong with his Hex Records / Hanging Like a Hex thing… stoked he’s still writing righteous reviews after all these years. Anyway, he just dropped some science on THOU‘s new The Archer & The Owle megeEP including this tasty tidbit: “Thou keeps their massive sludge experiments interesting, rocking, and most of all, heavy as Marty McFly’s opinion of time travel. It’s like Eyehategod with extra brains and just as much spite, and some cool, twisted melody to top it all off. They probably gave this away for free online already anyway, but the vinyl looks pretty cool and I think they even made a run of cassettes for this release if you’re into 80’s technology.” * Read the whole thing here, its great and there’s plenty of other well written reviews too. No universal praise either, dawg keeps it real! Beyond that, we’re steadily selling the new releases (and reiusse) from both bands, so check em out if you haven’t already: * PG.99 stuff @ Robotic Empire’s Online Store* THOU stuff @ Robotic Empire’s Online Store

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