BLACK TUSK limited tour-only 12"!! Signed n’ numbered Baizley artwork, ltd to 350… heads up!

September 26, 2010

Hot on the heels of the EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE discography LP release (more info here if you missed it), we’ve got another very limited and deluxe LP exclusively available in the Robotic Empire – Online Store. This time is the (otherwise) tour-only edition of BLACK TUSK‘s debut album Passage Through Purgatory, released by our longtime Savannah brethren at Hyperrealist.

This beast of an album was dropped on unprepared souls a few years back, and with the first press long sold out Hyperrealist was wise enough to make another small batch for a recent tour. However, only 350 copies were made in total, and much of those went to the band themselves. We are the only mailorder spot to get this, and with a finely silk screened multi-color John Dyer Baizley jacket, we don’t expect them to last too long.

Even so, we still want to apologize for the high price tag on this one, but apparently it cost a small fortune to press and print. We got 150 copies of the 350 made, and the price is $29.99. This also comes on a beautiful teal colored vinyl, and hand-signed n’ numbered by our old dawg John Baizley himself.

This is truly a beautiful release though and worth every penny, with brutal jams to boot. BLACK TUSK have recently released their followup album on Relapse Records and have been road warriors for years. Their southern sludge stomp isn’t easily matched, and its not surprising they’re often uttered in the same breath as their fellow Georgian peers BARONESS, KYLESA and MASTODON. For those unfamiliar, you can preview their burly tunes here.

The special tour edition of Passage Through Purgatory is available now in the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

Its also worth reiterating the latest Robotic Empire label release, one an insanely long time in the making. EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE were a crushing (and very ahead-of-their-time) band outta Austin, Texas and we just released their full discography LP. A whole lot of info on that can be found here and the release itself (and/or a silkscreen print) is now available exclusively through us, here.

Besides those two elaborate LP releases, we’ve gotten in another gnarly batch of items for the Robotic Empire – Online Store. Not exactly a ton of stuff, but almost all heavy hitters. Here ya go:

* Accept Death – Self-Titled 12″ (Hydrophonic) $14.99
* Black Tusk – Passage Through Purgatory – TOUR EDITION, TEAL COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hyperrealist) $29.99
* Fight Amp / Ladder Devils / Kowloon Walled City – Lose, Lose, Lose 12″ (Brutal Panda) $13.99
* Loose Lips Sink Ships – Self-Titled – GREEN COLORED VINYL 7″+CD (Whaleplane) $4.99
* Makai, The – Embracing The Shroud Of A Blackened Sky 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $9.99
* Masakari – The Profit Feeds 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $9.99
* Ramesses – Baptism Of The Walking Dead – BLACK VINYL 12″ (Hydrophonic) $18.99
* Ramesses – Baptism Of The Walking Dead – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hydrophonic) $24.99
* Ravens Creed / Sollubi – Split 7″ (Hydrophonic) $5.99
* Stone Axe – Extended Play – SKY BLUE COLORED VINYL 10″ (Hydrophonic) $17.99
* XXX Maniak – Gorebortion – GOLD BLACK COLORED VINYL 12″ (Hydrophonic) $13.99

* Daitro – Cendresdes Cendres, Je Me Consume – BLACK VINYL 10″ (Music Fear Satan) $15.99
* Daitro – Cendresdes Cendres, Je Me Consume – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 10″ (Music Fear Satan) $15.99
* Thou / Mohoram Atta – Degradation of Human Life [split] – SALMON COLORED VINYL 12″ (Halo Of Flies) $10.99

That’s it for now, peace!

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