Big Hush – Spirit/Wholes 12″ Officially Out Today!

August 11, 2017

Years in the making, D.C. shoegaze quartet Big Hush finally release their debut album, Spirit/Wholes today, August 11th, 2017! The quartet, comprised of players from Pygmy Lush and Flasher, explores the intersections between harmony-laden melancholy, off-kilter punk, and cacophonous shoegaze.

The entire album is available to stream over at Music & Riots, so head on over there and give it a listen – Music & Riots Full Album Stream

The band just completed a round of tour dates on the east coast and maybe some of you made it out to see them? Hopefully you were able to pick up a record from them in person but if you didn’t make it to one of the shows, the album is available for order through our online store here: Order Big Hush vinyl

Big Hush released a video for their track “Cough” a few weeks back and you can watch it over at IMPOSE here if you didn’t catch it: Watch the video via IMPOSE today

“‘Cough’ is about being caught in a rut for so long that you lose touch with yourself and grow complacent about the shape of your life,” Big Hush says of the track. “The song is a plea that you could make to a friend, or yourself, to fight the easy temptation of viewing one’s identity as reducible, or static. We’re not as hard-wired as we think; we can always try to be better.”

NPR had this to say about Spirit/Wholes – “…features (appropriately) hushed vocals from all four members, cooing over a messy, punk-sick shoegaze. It can, from songs that read as intimately as notes passed between friends, make for quite the harmony-riddled racket.”

Originally envisaged as two separate albums, the ten tracks featured on Spirit/Wholes were recorded throughout 2014 and 2015. Embodying the sonic evolution of a band that has flourished with time, each track sears through dense textures and cloying harmonies with a scalding clarity. Big Hush had these comments on the album –

“Spirit/Wholes was written as two separate EPs over the span of three years, and in a way the songs are reactionary tales. That’s the way I’ve always thought of them. Each new song is a reaction to the song written before it, and the space that song inhibits, each void created by one song, is filled by the next, and so reveals a new void. The EPs seem to do the same. It’s funny, how a lot of things in life tend to embody a reactionary nature, capitalism is dictated by market reactions, relationships evolve dictated on reactions to each other, the weather reacts to changes in currents and temperature. This record is sort of an unintentional embodiment of that aspect, following a path of necessary change, in contrast to what’s always been familiar.”

Order Big Hush vinyl here

In addition to the Big Hush album release, there were some great new additions and restocks to the online store the other week. Those lists are below so glance through them if you missed them the first time around, hopefully you can find something you’d like to pick up.

There are more upcoming Robotic Empire releases this fall so stay tuned! A repress of Pageninetynine’s Document 8 LP in time for their reunion shows, possibly a Pg.99 cassette and some T-shirts too. The Black Heart Procession have compiled all of their “Waiter” songs onto one album and have also written a new one! Tour dates are getting organized and I’ll announce as soon as I hear. Jesu’sAscension 2×12″ is going to happen this year, it’s just a matter of deciding exactly when it fits into the release schedule. More info to come as it develops. Thanks everyone and have a good rest of the summer.

New Releases
Aidan Baker – Half Lives CD (Gizeh) $7.99
Aidan Baker / Claire Brentnall – Delirious Things CD (Gizeh) $7.99
Aidan Baker / Karen Williams – Noonland 12″ (Gizeh) $16.99
All Your Sisters – Uncomfortable Skin – CEALR COLORED VINYL 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Amps For Christ / Witches Of Malibu – Indian Hill 12″+CD (Kitty Play) $21.99
Bagarre Générale – Tohu-Bohu 12″ (Music Fear Satan) $14.99
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Bastard Noise / Blood Red Bacteria – From Zero To Herp and Backwards – 1 SIDED ETCHED VINYL 12″ (Streaks) $14.99
Bastard Noise / Kalmex And The Riff Merchants – Ultra Sonic Holocaust – YELLOW COLORED VINY 12″ (Hear More) $14.99
Big Hush – Spirit/Wholes 12″ (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Black Wing – Is Doomed 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Blood Sun Circle – Distorted Forms 12″ (Self Released) $9.99
Boduf Songs – Stench Of Exist 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Bonnie Prince Billy – Best Troubador 12″ (Drag City) $25.99
Bosse-De-Nage – All Fours – RED COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Flenser) $19.99
Botanist – VI: Flora – CEALR BLUE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Botanist / Palace Of Worms – The Hanging Gardens Of Hell / Ode To Joy – CLEAR SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Charred Remains / Man Is the Bastard – The Abundance Of Guns – COLORED VINYL 10″ (Deep Six) $9.99
Charred Remains/ Man Is The Bastard – First Music 7″ (Deep Six) $5.99
Dabbers, The – I Am Alien Now Cassette (Kitty Play) $7.99
Deftones – Koi No Yokan 12″ (Reprise) $9.99
Eight Bells – The Captain’s Daughter 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Expo 70 – America Here and Now Sessions – GOLD COLORED VINYL 12″ (Essence) $19.99
Expo 70 – Cleverly Mystique – COLORED VINYL 12″ (5nakefork) $24.99
Forest Swords – Compassion 12″ (Ninja Tune) $25.99
Giles Corey – Self-Titled – WITH BOOK 2×12″ (Flenser) $34.99
Government Alpha / Bastard Noise / Hiroshi Hasegawa – The Uncertainty Principle – OLIVE GREEN 7″ (Small Doses) $5.99
Have a Nice Life – The Unnatural World 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Heat Dust – Self-Titled 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
King Woman – Doubt 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Loss Of Self – Twelve Minutes 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Mamaleek – Via Dolorsa 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Muscle & Marrow – Love 12″ (Flenser) $14.99
Nadja – The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife 12″ (Gizeh) $16.99
Obolus – Lament 10″ (Flenser) $9.99
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Lake of Blood – As Time And Tide Erodes Stone 12” *VINYL* (Flenser) $14.99
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The Endless Blockade / Bastard Noise – The Red List 12” *VINYL* (Deep Six) $10.99
Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt 2×12” *BLACK VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $23.99
Year Of No Light / Bagarre Generale – Split 12” *BLACK VINYL* (Music Fear Satan) $14.99

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