another favorable DIAL review… plus three more!

June 14, 2009

Eric Loranger @ was kind enough to review 4 releases of ours, and here’s a segment of the DIAL review:

“…chords you’ve never heard of and a steady drone that never really goes away. The slow stomp of tracks like “Silent Holy War” can best be summarized as ‘evil’. There are mathy elements all over the place, but the main focus is the mood and the power of a well-executed discord or two. Really good stuff. Simple, yes, but totally uncompromising.”

Totally uncompromising! We’d definitely describe the debut DIAL recordings the same way, and are really happy with people’s overall reaction to the band thus far. The CDep is available now too, so please pick it up if you have 5 bucks to spare!

Two tracks from this EP are still streaming at our myspace page (and another one at the band’s myspace page), and if you like what you hear, its available now in the Robotic Empire – Online Store.

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