All Isis – Wavering Radiant orders have now been shipped!

February 15, 2017

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Hi everyone and thanks so much for your patience as I packed and mailed more Wavering Radiant orders than I even want to count. As of February 15th all orders have shipped and you should be getting them soon, if you haven’t already.

Since I’ve been so preoccupied with packing, I completely spaced on posting pictures of the lovely vinyl color variants. Sorry about that! Here’s some photos for you now to enjoy. Also, there are still Wavering Radiant copies available in the online store so pick one up if you haven’t already:

Coming in the next week or two will be a massive distro update with lots of new items and restocks to the store. All those goodies are here in house and have just been piling up as I kept packing orders like a maniac. Stay tuned for that update and if you’ve not signed up for our Email newsletter now is the time:

Again, a big thanks to everyone for your patience.  It takes one person a long time to carefully pack and mail all those orders, in addition to the 40 min drive to get them to the post office and mailed.  I’ve loved all the friendly messages some folks like to leave me as they place their orders.  It brings a smile to my face to read those.  You all RULE!

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