2001 – 1999 ("Robodog"-era) news

December 01, 2004

2001 – 1999 (“Robodog”-era) news… formatting lost, most text salvaged though:

Hot Cross’s “A New Set of Lungs” debut 10″ is out now! Seven tracks of frantic melodic rock with just enough hardcore and screamo twists to keep the kids moshing. We’ve got about 90 copies on orange vinyl available through mailorder only, so if you want the ultra hip limited jawns, better act fast. The artwork and packaging on this thing looks amazing too, definitly one of the most eye-catching Robodog releases to date. Ordering info can be found here, or you can check out a hot sample mp3. The band also has a string of shows coming up, so be sure to check them out.

A Life Once Lost has finished recording for their upcoming CDep on Robodog. This should be available towards the end of November and a sample of the chaos can be found here. Think Strife meets In Flames.

The Hot Cross 10″ will be available next week. The covers arrived today and they look amazing. Colored vinyl will be available through mailorder, but you’ll just have to wait until next week as I’m not doing pre-orders. Sorry!

Two different t-shirt designs for The Now are now available. Pictures and info can be found at the catalog.

Both The Now and pg.99 have done some recent interviews. One The Now interview can be seen courtesy of Action Attack Helicopter. This pg.99 interview will appear in a future issue of Punk Planet; also be on the lookout for them in Maximum Rock n’ Roll soon. The band’s website (pg99.com) is down indefinitly, so a temporary one has been established here.

Along with the new A Life Once Lost mp3, new mp3s from Superstitions of the Sky and Excitebike (who’s debut CDep we’re distributing) can be found in the sounds section. Excitebike is a blast of intense melodic rock, hit up a mp3 to hear what I’m talking about.

I just got a video capture card so new videos will hopefully surface soon. If you have any Robodog bands’ live shows on tape, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A reissue of some early pg.99 material will be available as a new 7″ towards the new year. The material from the tour 6″ (document #4) along with their songs from the Reactor No. 7 split 7″ (document #3) will be remastered for this 7″. More info on that soon.

The Hassan I Sabbah 7″ is sold out; no plans to repress.

A month has passed and I’m just now getting all settled in at the new NJ office. Everyone who has been waiting patiently for mailorder to resume, I thank you. You will receive your records soon.

Please note the new address above. All future orders should go there. Anything that has recently been sent to the old NYC post office box will be forwarded.

In other news, the Hot Cross 10″ will be out within a month, A Life Once Lost is recording right now, The Red Chord records at the end of November. Also, artwork for both the Kungfu Rick/The Ultimate Warriors split 7″ AND the Drum Machine Madness 5″ comp is being worked on now. These records should surface late 2001 or early 2002.

I also have 25 copies of pg.99’s “document #6″, the split 7” with Process is Dead. These are sure to go fast so please list alternatives if/when you order.

Expect a lot of activity within the coming months, as this label has become a very serious project to me. Also, a very sincere thank you to everyone who wrote or called regarding my safety after the tragedy in New York last week.


Robodog is on a brief hiatus while I get my move on. Mailorder will be sporadic for the next month, so please don’t be surprised if something is a few weeks later than normal… but this shouldn’t keep you from ordering. Thanks for your patience.

??NEWS LOST?? missing news between May and Sept 2001… if anyone out there can help excavate this, please get in touch!

Brand new mp3 from The Now!

The pg.99 “document #8” cd has arrived at the pressing plant and should be available by June 1st. There is a brand new mp3 available from this CD on the sounds page. Please do not order this yet.

I’d like to oficially welcome four new bands to the Robodog family: Hot Cross, The Red Chord, Superstitions of the Sky, and The Now. All will have debut records come out on Robodog in the coming months, so stay tuned for more info. Some MP3s have been added from Superstitions of the Sky and The Red Chord. Please check out the sounds page to download them. More MP3s and new video clips coming soon.

That’s it for now. Check out the updated tours/shows page too.

Robodog Records has relocated to New York City. Please note the address change!

The Employer, Employee CDs have arrived and they turned out awesome. 7 songs of crushing grind-influenced metallic hardcore are available on this CD for $8ppd in the US. Please go the ordering page for more info. The band is currently on tour in support of this record, so be sure to check out the latest tour dates. If you haven’t heard Employer, Employee yet, download a free MP3 sample.

Robodog Records t-shirts are now available, along with new buttons from Employer, Employee and The Ultimate Warriors. Photos and info can be found at the new merchandise section.

pg.99’s CD will be available in time for their US summer tour. www.pg99.com is back up. the Now (ex-Neil Perry and Joshua Fit For Battle) will have their debut CDed ready in time for Neil Perry and the Now’s summer tours. Creation is Crucifixion and Pig Destroyer will be sharing a split 7″ on Robodog before the year is over. Please check the records page for info.

More stuff has been added to the distro, please check it out. New records from The Gate Crashers (members of The Ultimate Warriors), Cobra Kai, and more.

Website makeover season has arrived. Please peruse the new site and if you find any problems please contact me pronto.

Brand new pg.99 t-shirts and mesh hats are now available. Both were professionally made so they look fabulous. The t-shirts are two colors of ink on gray shirts, and are $8ppd in the US. The mesh hats are brown & white or navy blue & white and are $6ppd in the US. More info about ordering.

Employer, Employee’s CD is at the presses now and will be ready by the beginning of April. If you haven’t heard this awesome band yet, please do yourself a favor and download their MP3. They will be touring for two weeks at the beginning of April, updated tour dates are available.

The Drum Machine Madness 7″ comp is starting to come together and will be sent to the presses soon. pg.99 is on tour right now but when they return they will finish up the artwork for their upcoming CD on Robodog.

A ton of stuff has been added to the distro, so please check it out. New records from the likes of Hassan I Sabbah, Cave In and some more comps too.

Happy New Year everybody! We’ve got some new patches and buttons now available, and shirts will finally be coming soon too. See the merchandise section for more info. Thanks to Neil at Prizefight Records for the buttons and Team Responsible for the patches. I fully endorse these events or products.

In release news, the Employer, Employee CD artwork is just about done so it will be sent to the presses soon. pg.99 has pushed back their recording date until early March, but it will be worth the wait.

I’ve also got more copies of the Summertime CD comp for sale. This one’s got pg.99, Neil Perry, The Assistant, Off Minor, JFFB, Usurp Synapse and a bunch more. If you dig the screamo/hardcore/grind/chaos stuff, this comp is right up your alley. For more info check out the ordering section.

T-shirts coming soon.

I’ve got some of the last copies of Employer, Employee’s 7″. Order it now for a preview of the ass kicking you’ll get when their CD comes out.

Robodog is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Ultimate Warriors / Kungfu Rick split 7″! Both bands are amazing and we’re very excited to be doing this record. In other news, the artwork for the Employer, Employee CD is being worked out now and it should all be sent to the presses soon. The pg.99 / Reactor No. 7 split 7″s are now sold out, please don’t order it. No plans to repress it at this time. However, the new pg.99 songs for the upcoming CD kick serious ass, so take warning. The band will most likely enter the studio in early Febuary. Expect new patches, buttons, hats and shirts to come soon.

This is where all the old news goes, because it’s possible that somebody out there cares about this stuff. Take warning: there are probably broken links here.

The Sacrifice Poles CDs have arrived! They look and sound fabulous so please pick one up! You can check out a sound clip or you can go ahead and order it. In other news, Robodog has relocated to New York City, so please note the new address! My post office is being a bitch, so please make sure to address all orders to “Andy Low” and not “Robodog Records”. Thanks! There’s a brand new Employer, Employee mp3 up too, so be sure to check that out in the sound clips section.

Well shit. Daybreak just broke up, and Hassan I Sabbah has broke up too. Both will be missed. The Hassan 7″s on clear have come in, have all new packaging, and look and sound fabulous. The clear vinyl is limited to 300 and is sure to go fast. It’s $3ppd in the US. Get more info on the ordering page. Still Hassan related, there is an interview with Zac now online. Please check that out. The Sacrifice Poles CDs will be in early next week. Employer, Employee’s CD will be sent to the presses soon. pg.99 will enter the studio in January to record for their CD. Be warned.

After half a year of delays the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD is finally out! This CD contains the most intense grindcore out there today and it turned out fabulous. The layout and artwork are awesome, and it’s only $8ppd in the US so please check it out. In celebration of this release, Robodog Records and Loudnet.com have teamed up to host a contest! During the month of October you can win copies of the Pig Destroyer/Gnob split CD, the new Hassan I Sabbah 7″, rare versions and test presses of other Robodog releases and more! Check out www.loudnet.com for more information.

Hassan I Sabbah’s s/t 7″ is getting great responses, so I’m pleased to announce that a small pressing of about 300 records on clear vinyl will be made within the next few weeks. These will be available for $3ppd in the US. The reason why these clear ones are being made is because a lot of the black ones were warped and I didn’t notice until a bunch had been spread around. If you have a significantly warped black one… please contact me.

The Sacrifice Poles’ s/t CD is at the pressing plant now and should be available around the end of October. The band decided to postpone their debut live performance, more info coming soon. Employer, Employee’s CD will be sent to the presses very soon.

pg.99 will be recording for their CD on Robodog (10″ on The Electric Human Project) before the year is over. They will likely record at Godcity Studios up in Boston so expect this to be an amazing record.

Robodog has some great new releases lined up, more info coming soon. I have moved to New York City but please continue to send all orders to the Virginia address, as all mail will be forwarded.

The Hassan I Sabbah 7″ is out now! It’s $3ppd in the US and turned out great. The layout and artwork is simple and to the point. If you haven’t heard Hassan yet, please check out a sound clip to get an idea of what they’re like. Another bad mastering delay with the Pig Destroyer/Gnob CDs but they are indeed being pressed this week. I’m so sorry to everyone that’s preordered this… I’ll make sure to throw in something extra when I send your CDs out. In other news, Robodog is relocating to New York before the month is over but the Virginia address will stay active and mail will be forwarded, so please continue to send orders to the VA address. Two Pig Destroyer videos are coming soon.

New videos up from Daybreak, The Ultimate Warriors, Kungfu Rick, Hassan I Sabbah and Reactor No. 7. Please check out the video clips section for more info. You can also download Daybreak’s side of their split 7″ with The Ultimate Warriors at www.takeoutmusic.com. The file format is Liquid Audio, but it works in Real Player… click here to go directly to Daybreak’s download page.

There are now MP3 and Real Audio samples of The Sacrifice Poles up in the sound clips section and I urge you to check it out. The Hassan I Sabbah 7″ has been delayed… surprise surprise. I have more stuff for the “distro”, including the CDep version of Circle of Dead Children’s “Exotic Sense Decay” and the Hassan I Sabbah/Usurp Synapse split 7″. Please check out the ordering page for prices and more info. Employer, Employee are recording now for their CD so keep your eyes peeled for that amazing record.

I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news first: the Circle of Dead Children picture disc 7″s have arrived! “Exotic Sense Decay” is going to blow you away, so please check out the releases section for more info or the sound clips section to hear a MP3 from this 7″. The bad news is that the Pig Destroyer / Gnob CD has been greatly delayed. We had to switch pressing plants due to obstacles beyond our control, so the record is back at the beginning of the pressing process. Expect it to be available in about a month. In other news, the Hassan I Sabbah 7″ is at the presses and The Sacrifice Poles CD will be sent to be pressed soon.

The video clips are finally up! There are only a few to start with, but expect more within the coming weeks. In record news, the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD is still not out and I’m not quite sure when it will be available. Holdups at the pressing plants are causing these delays, and I’m hoping that the CDs will be here soon. But in good news, the test presses for the Circle of Dead Children pic disc 7″ are in and the record will be available in two to three weeks, and a few weeks after that the Hassan I Sabbah 7″ will be available as well. Expect a lot of things happening with Robodog in the next few months, and please join the mail list to be the first to know about upcoming projects. Some of The Electric Human Project’s releases have been added to the “distro”… check out the ordering page for more info.

If you hadn’t noticed, Robodog Records now has it’s own domain! Yes www.robodogrecords.com is up and running with many new additions including a message board, “funny stuff”, and coming very soon we will have downloadable video clips! In non-website news, Circle of Dead Children’s “Exotic Sense Decay” CDep will now be released on Willowtip Records and the vinyl version will be a picture disc 7″ on Robodog. That, along with the Hassan I Sabbah 7″ should be sent to the presses soon. A little bit down the road Employer, Employee will be doing a CDep on Robodog and we’ll also be releasing the CD version of pg.99’s upcoming 10″ on The Electric Human Project. One more thing, Aversion Online is a great online magazine that did a spotlight and interview with Robodog Records this month, so please check that out too.

Not a lot of news… still waiting for the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CDs to arive. Until then, some more photos have been added and if you have any photos to contribute, please email them to us. Also, we are looking for good quality videos of Robodog bands. If you have any and would be down to sell or trade them, please get in touch ASAP!

Everything for the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD has been sent to the presses so it should be available in a few weeks. The artwork for the Circle of Dead Children CDep is being finished now and that should be sent to the presses soon, along with the recently recorded Hassan I Sabbah 7″.

Pig Destroyer has just announced their Spring 2000 tour dates. An extremely limited Discography CD (not released by Robodog) will be available at these shows only. For more info, check out the Pig Destroyer – Spring 2000 Tour page. In other news, Hassan I Sabbah is recording for their 7″ on May 12th and 13th.

The Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″s are selling really well so far, please keep the orders coming! The first 200 mailorder customers get colored vinyl, and it’s going fast. Robodog Records now has it’s own mail list, and if you would like to sign up please click here. This mail list will be the best way to find out about new releases, tour dates, limited edition vinyl, etc. Also, we have decided to exclusively distribute our records through Sonny from Bottlenekk’s new company called IMD (Independent Music Distribution). Basically this means that more indie stores and more distros will be carrying Robodog releases (this is a good thing!) For more info on IMD, please check out their website. In other news, Robodog is relocating back to Virginia next week, so please send any orders to the Virginia address! Thank you.

The Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″s are in and they are fucking sweet! We don’t have the official covers yet, but there are 100 limited hand-made covers for mailorder only, so all pre-orders and the first orders will get those, so act fast! It’s $3ppd (in the US) and worth every penny. The official covers should be in by the time anybody even orders this sucker, so order it now! Oh yea, limited burgundy vinyl through mailorder. Also, updated tour info for a bunch of the Robodog bands. The Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD will be sent to the press next week.

Circle of Dead Children are seeking help in booking dates for their August 2000 tour. Shows are primarily being sought after for the eastern half of the United States as well as Canada. If you can be of help please contact the band at THE_CIRCLE@bigfoot.com. See the tour section for more info.

I just added a funny conversation with Hassan I Sabbah guitarist, Zac. More photos too, that’s it.

Not much news, but the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″ test presses have arrived and they sound great. Expect that record and the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD to hit the streets in April. Minor website additions as well.

Major website changes and additions. There is now a photos section with Robodog related photographs. That page will be constantly added to over time. In label news, the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″ test presses should be here in about two weeks.

There is a big show in Newark, Delaware on March 4th. Some Robodog bands (Hassan I Sabbah, pg.99, Circle of Dead Children) are playing. For more info, click here.

The links section of the site has been updated. Visitors should check out Robodog representative Alex Chabot’s site at: alexchabot.net. This kid is a raw dog.

Check out the new Circle of Dead Children sound clip!

The new Ohio address is as follows:

blah blah blah

This is the address until May 6th, 2000. Anytime after May 6th please make sure to send any mail to the Virginia address. Thank you. “Exotic Sense Decay” is the name of the Circle of Dead Children CDep. Expect that soon. Both the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD and Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″ are about to be sent to the presses and should be out by March, possibly sooner.

Robodog Records has relocated to Ohio. The new P.O. Box address is unknown right now, but it should be posted in a week or so. If you really want to send something right now, send an email to find out a temporary address. In other news, the CODC / Maharahj split CD has been canceled, but both bands will still be releasing something on Robodog. Another band, Hassan I Sabbah, has been added to the Robodog lineup. Please go to the sounds section to check them out. Both the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD and Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″ are finally about to be sent to the presses. Better late than never. Things are about to get very busy with Robodog, so please check back often for up-to-date news.

There’s now full songs available for download in MP3 and Real Audio format. Check out the sounds section for more information.

Unfortunately, nothing has been released since the last update, but two records are very close to completion: the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD and the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″ should both be out early 2000. Reactor No. 7 now has a CD-R discography available, and a few more releases have been added to the lineup, so check out the releases page for more info. In other news, the Robodog headquarters will be relocating to Bowling Green, Ohio on January 5th… so anybody that is going to send any orders or packages should email us first so you can get the new address.

A bit delayed with the update, but lots of stuff is going on. The site has been completely re-done and the layout is a lot nicer. New records will be released very soon, all we’re waiting on now is the artwork for the Pig Destroyer / Gnob split CD and the artwork for the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″. A vinyl version of the Pig Destroyer half of the split CD will be released on Reptilian Records. Both the Circle of Dead Children and Maharahj are in the recording process now, and the way things are going this split should be incredible. More news at it comes.

Pig Destroyer hits the studio within a month and the split CD with Gnob (who has already recorded) should see the light of day before the month of October. Same with the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″. In other news, we are proud to announce that Maharahj’s Robodog release will be a split CD with the Circle of Dead Children. As of now it’s scheduled to be a split CD but there may or may not be a vinyl version on Robodog in the future. More to come soon.

Ok, the pg.99 6″s are in and they are really nice. Anyone who is interested in obtaining a copy should act quickly because things got changed around a bit, the band has 160, and we have 400… but it’s never going to be repressed, so buy it now or curse yourself out later. The price has been lowered to $4.00 ppd because we have more copies it will be easier to break even now. There have been talks of a possible Circle of Dead Children release on Robodog, but no real word on where it’s going.

pg.99 leaves for tour tomorrow and the 6″s aren’t done yet. A pain in the ass, yes, but the band will receive their 300 copies on July 7th so they will have them for 23 days of the tour… not too bad, just annoying that it didn’t make it here in time. Oh well, if you want to go ahead and order the 6″ you should soon because we’re only going to have 200 and it’s never going to be repressed. It’s $4.50 ppd, but please just send $5 and we’ll send you 50 cents change. In other news, the Wadge / Voltron split record has been definitely upgraded to the “Drum Machine Madness” comp status because Agoraphobic Nosebleed has agreed to contribute a track, now we only need maybe 1 more band for that and we’ll be set…

The pg.99 tour 6″ is just about ready, we’re just waiting for everything to come in now. The Pig Destroyer / Gnob split record has now become a split CD. Both bands are recording for it within a month and this will most likely see the light of day before summer is over. There have been talks of a possible Creation is Crucifixion release on Robodog, more word on that in the future.

More upcoming releases have been scheduled, including: Pig Destroyer / Gnob split something and a possible Maharahj / Legend of the Overfiend split 7″. Check out releases for more info. More sounds and links added.

The website is almost complete and should be completely uploaded soon. The pg.99 / Reactor No. 7 – split 7″ co-release with Catechism Records is now out and available for $3 ppd, so order that mother now! Mail orders get it on limited white vinyl. Depending on who’s ready first, the next release is either going to be pg.99’s 6″ tour record or the Ultimate Warriors / Daybreak split 7″. After those 2 releases nothing is scheduled, so bands should start sending in recordings for consideration. More info coming soon.

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